Peter Solberg’s guide to World RX at Estering

World RX is getting busy again – really busy. It’s Germany next week and then Italy the week after. I love it when it’s like this: always close to driving the car again. And I really like this track in Germany. And the guys driving our trucks are also really liking this track because it’s very far in the north of the country, so it’s not so far for them to drive from our base in Sweden.

Petter Solberg
Petter Solberg

After the thousands and thousands of fans that attended the last race in Lohéac, next week’s event is likely to be a little bit quieter. I think most races are quieter compared with France!

But what Germany might lack in the number of fans, it more than makes up for in terms of a technical racetrack. Estering is a tricky circuit, but one that gives you so much pleasure and really puts a smile on your face when you get it right.

There are two key things to getting a good race here. The first is to get through the first corner safely. I remember from racing here before, there was a lot of action in that first corner. I don’t like that, I don’t like the crashes; this is something which stays with me from rallying – I like to stay clean and drive my own corner.

What we need is a good start and then to stay in front. That’s the perfect solution.

The second big thing is to pick the right time for the joker lap and then get it absolutely right. I think the joker is more important here than at most circuits.

Like Lohéac, there’s a lot of rallycross history at Estering and I like that – it’s good for people to appreciate the sport. The other thing I like about Germany is that there’s a bit more gravel and my car works better on this surface. Like I said, I like the circuit, it’s one where we were quick last season.

My objective in this race is simply to extend my advantage and to try to take the next step towards the championship. That’s all I’m thinking about. OK, maybe that’s not quite all. I’m also thinking about having a lot of fun with our German fans next week!

Length: 952m
Width: 16m
Tarmac: 60%