Porsche swoop in to save Kyalami

But using his super powers of passion and vision Venter coughed up R205-million to keep it from those who might have relegated it to mere homes. The home of motorsport is saved. Precisely what it will become is not yet clear but Toby the Tracksaver has assured petrolheads that the track will remain and house at least some of Porsche South Africa’s facilities.

It is hard to imagine a better place to sell a Porsche. However Venter has invited other manufacturers to utilise the national asset as well.

Venter is himself an avid motor racer having gone wheel to wheel than no lesser person than Sarel van der Merwe in his time. He currently owns the fastest club racing car in the country and makes that point at other tracks around the country regularly.

Kyalami is unlikely to host another F1 event given that it is relatively short by international F1 standards. However the man who has built the best two Porsche dealerships in the world is quite capable of bringing genuine production and touring car events to the circuit. He has the passion and he has the contacts.

Kyalami under his hand could rise to greatness once more.


Source: This article was written by Glen Hall and appeared in The Citizen on 25 July, 2014