RALLYSTAR – whats wrong with you people?

Sometimes it is good – or shall I rather say, “necessary” to have a problem.

As our regular readers will know – we did not do any updates on the Rallystar website for a number of frustrating days. There was a glitch that those who know how battled to sort out and we could not publish updates and new articles.

For that – we apologise – but the good that came from this was that we realised from the emails and messages of concern that we are doing something right and most of all – goodness knows, there are readers and friends who actually care!

one of these days – the secret will be out

Thank you for that, we truly appreciate it.

Andries and Susan’s son is undergoing a series of very serious operations this week and we are all thinking of them.

He will however as always, do his thing and I will try to assist where possible.

There will be a few important Rallystar related announcements made soon – so watch this website.

Rallystar Motorsport Academy is up and running as most of you know – we still offer an amazing rally drive experience, some training and I have started a new training series – “It is all in the head”  – for rally and racing drivers and for that matter any person who needs to approach anything with the right mindset!  More about that soon!

Let’s hope we are back to normal again now and that you can once again enjoy the sport and all the news with us.


Leon Botha