Report: Fernando Alonso Signs ‘Pre-Agreement’ with Renault F1 

Renault lost driver Daniel Ricciardo earlier this week in a round of driver moves that saw Sebastian Vettel out at Ferrari, replaced by Carlos Sainz. Ricciardo departed the Renault team for the Sainz seat at McLaren. That leaves an open seat and, if the reports are to be believed, that seat will be filled by Alonso.

Alonso left open the possibility of a return to the series where he won two world titles in 2018. Since then he’s competed in the Indy 500, the 24 Hours of Lemans and won a title in the World Endurance Championship. He also scored a class win in the Daytona 24 Hour race in IMSA.

According to French magazine Auto Hebdo, Alonso has already signed a pre-agreement with the team. On his social media channels Alonso has been posting snippets of him racing with Renault. Alonso won his back-to-back F1 titles with Renault.

Given the craziness of the past week, a return by Alonso might not be as wild as it may seem

Source: Autoweek