Rest in peace Jannie Kuun

Jannie Kuun, one of the best known rally drivers in South Africa passed away yesterday 10th June 2014.

He was especially well known in the Pretoria Motor Club of which he was one of the longest standing members. He was one of the few very lucky rallyist who were able to drive in International events during the so-called “apartheid” era.

In 1972 he and navigator Kassie Kasselman participated in the TAP rally in Portugal driving a Volvo which they finished in 9th position, if I am correct, then in 1975 he participated in the Lombaard RAC rally in a Toyota with brother Christo. They failed to finish this one, but Jannie made up for it by finishing 3 rd bop all during the 1977 Total International Rally, this time with Johan Borman next to him in a Mazda RX2.

JannieKuunJannie has always stayed in contact with the sport of motor rallying and played a role in many of the lives of competitors.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer he still saw his way clear to pay a last visit to the recent PMC National Rally hosted at Rallystar. Little did I know that it would be the last time I greeted him when he still said that he was well.

Jannie will surely be missed for many reasons, but most of all his loyalty and passion for the sport.

Rest in peace Jannie.

Our sincere condolences to Jannie’s family and friends.

A memorial service wills be held for Jannie later and we will inform all his friends when the arrangements were made.