Ross Brawn attracted to Formula 1 role and ready to return

Former Mercedes and Ferrari boss says he has no ambitions to return with a team but admits he’s a “frustrated spectator”Ross Brawn has confirmed he’s held talks with Liberty Media, but wouldn’t confirm whether he’ll be working with them in the future.Ross Brawn has admitted he is attracted to returning to Formula 1 in a position which would allow the former Mercedes and Ferrari boss to shape the future direction of the sport.


Brawn has been out of F1 since laying the foundations for Mercedes’ current domination but could be poised to return following Liberty Media’s takeover. While ruling out a comeback with a team, Brawn admits he is missing the sport and confirmed he has held talks with the sport’s prospective new owners.

“I’m a frustrated spectator because when you’ve been involved in the sport and you watch from the sidelines you wonder why they make some of the decisions they make. I enjoy the sport very much. I miss being involved and I miss the comradery, I miss the excitement, but I don’t miss some of the other aggravation that goes along with it.”

It has been widely speculated that Brawn could feature as a ‘dream team’ partnership overseeing the sport alongside marketing guru Zak Brown. But Brawn is adamant that a deal has not been agreed.

“Primarily I was approached by Liberty Media to give them an overview of Formula 1 from my perspective so I’ve done some consultancy but that’s really the extent of it so far,” he added.

“I’m just helping them understand how Formula 1 works, how the teams work, the perspective of a team. Obviously they’ve got a relationship with CVC, but they wanted to understand how the team works, views on how F1 can change in the future.

“I’m an engineer so I tend to be very pragmatic. My approach is to always have a plan – three years, five years whatever it is – get everyone to join in and create that plan and try to make sure it happens.

“Sometimes I don’t see that in Formula 1. I don’t see Formula 1 really looking at itself properly to see where it wants to be in three years’ time or five years’ time.

“I don’t have any ambitions to return with a team. I’ve been involved with a number of teams, I had great fun and enjoyment and I don’t anticipate joining a team again