SHEMUD: An All-Female Extreme 4×4 Challenge

Proving that hoonery is a pastime enjoyed around the world, SHEMUD sends competitors into the Malaysian rainforest to face all manner of off-road obstacles.Combining off-road competition and touring adventure, the event is officially known as the SHEMUD Women’s International 4×4 Challenge. Special stages are set up along predetermined routes, with all hands participating and staying together as a convoy.

Held this year from November 14th – 18th, this event featured jungle stages and plenty of opportunity to get muddy. Extreme Class drivers tackled a five-day program in fully modified rigs and gnarly tires. A separate Rookie Class took on a two-day event in 4x4s without gonzo modifications and standard off-road rubber. Roll cages are required, as is an 8000lb front recovery winch. Organizers say a rear winch is “highly recommended”.

These sound like our kind of people.

Driver and co-driver are permitted to swap duties during the thirty special stages, with timing scored to the tenth of a second. A points system determines the overall winner. Trophies and medals, not to mention bragging rights, are on the line, plus the winner gets their ticket punched into next year’s event.

The competitors clearly aren’t timid when it comes to taking on the toughest stages the event throws at them in the Malaysian rainforest. Check out this gnarly winching action in an environment that could easily double for Jurassic Park.

Challenging water hazards always make for a good time.

The group is keen to point out that they promote healthy competition on the way to everyone becoming “braver as well as more skillfull, experienced and adventurous” behind the wheel of 4×4 and off-road rigs. Its founder is a veteran of Malaysia’s off-road scene, having competed in that country’s Rainforest Challenge and other wheeling adventures.

With three events under their belt, the organization is planning another SHEMUD event for 2019.