Solberg inches closer to second RX Championship

Petter said: “All in all we had a good race weekend. It was very close to being a great race weekend!

“After leading overnight, I made it a little bit too exciting for myself on Sunday morning by doing two huge mistakes in the third heat.

“I had a jump-start and then missed my penalty joker lap. Because of those mistakes, I missed the intermediate top spot.

“In the fourth heat, I was back on the right pace and fully focused; I took my second heat win of the weekend – a good way to go to the semi-final.

“I struggled for traction in the semi, though. I have to say, I didn’t stand a chance against Johan Kristoffersson. But we made the final and that was our main target.

“I pushed as hard as I could in the final but the car was still lacking traction on the wet track. I was soon aware that the race victory was out of reach. It was all about keeping the car on the line, avoiding punctures and staying out of trouble.

“My compatriot Andreas Bakkerud deserved his win.

“Now we need five points to secure the FIA World Rallycross Championship title in Argentina next month. I’m pretty sure we will have to fight hard for those points. But I have a good feeling, and I go to Argentina with two goals: defending my title and repeating my South American win from last year.”

1 Andreas Bakkerud 4m45.216s
2 Johan Kristoffersson 4m47.167s
3 Petter Solberg 4m49.297s
4 Anton Marklund 4m58.090s
5 Manfred Stohl 5m09.237s
6 Timur Timerzyanov 5m16.642

Drivers’ championship positions:
1 Petter Solberg           279pts
2 Timmy Hansen             253pts
3 Johan Kristoffersson      228pts
4 Andreas Bakkerud         215pts
5 Davy Jeanney               189pts
6 Reinis Nitiss                  164pts

Teams’ championship positions:
1 Peugeot-Hansen           443pts
2 Ford Olsbergs               378pts
3 SDRX                           312pts