South Africa’s Top Female Enduro Racer talks almost losing her life while riding

Kirsten Landman, an extreme sports fanatic, is making history for Africa and for women. Hear it all first on this week’s Keri’s Couch.

This week, I met one heck of an incredible woman.

I don’t know what I imagined the first African woman to qualify to ride the Dakar rally would look like, but Kirsten Landman did NOT fit the bill.

A tall, slender, gorgeous blonde walked into the studio – looking more like a horse rider than a bike rider.

Her story of how she almost lost her life while riding – waiting in a dessert for hours until help arrived, having to be airlifted to South Africa before waiting 36 hours for her lifesaving surgery only to get back on her bike to ride again to the absolute horror of her family.

Kirsten is not just the only African woman to qualify for Dakar  – but the only African woman to have ever entered.

2020 will either be history making, or heartbreaking for Kirsten, either way, we are watching and supporting this incredible human. 

Source: East Coast Radio