South American Rally Race 2020: Entry List Is Getting Larger

But now with the departure the of the Dakar Rally to Saudi Arabia, its history in the continent got to an end, at least for the moment, and someone else picked up what was left behind and is taking full advantage of the lessons learned during the last decade to put in place a new race. Asociación Argentina de Rally Raid is the organization who take the challenge and is preparing the 2020 South American Rally Raid (SARR). The race will take place on February 2020, starting on Friday 2 and finishing on Saturday 8. The rest day will be on Wednesday 5. SARR 2020 will have 6 stages, all in Argentina, crossing 3 provinces in a total distance of 2500km.

The organization is keeping the public updated about the teams that are already listed for next February’s race, and the numbers are increasing fast. For many South Americans, the prospect of entering the now very distant Dakar Rally means an extra effort that they can’t or they don’t want to do, and the shorter but specially much closer SARR is proving to be an extremely viable alternative, that has the bonus of being raced in many places made famous by the previous Dakar editions that took place there.

South American Rally Race 2020 will be open for cars, motos, quads and SxS.

Source: Rally-Raid Network