Subaru WRX STI Rally Racers Finally Getting The Attention They Deserve

Prodrive Legends is like Ferrari Classiche for Subaru rally cars.

Prodrive may be the most interesting and victorious automaker you’ve never heard of. The British motorsport constructor has made thousands of race and rally cars, from WRC-grade Subaru Imprezas to Le Mans-spec Aston Martins – more, in short, than are currently competing in the series for which they were built. The private owners who enjoy them now still need to maintain them, so the company’s set up Prodrive Legends to keep all those cars in tip-top shape.

Subaru do Motorsport team of Molly Taylor and co-driver Malcom Read in action during 2018 Eureka Rally.

Think along the lines of Ferrari’s Classiche department, Lamborghini’s Polo Storico, or the Aston Martin Works, only for the much wider variety of vehicles that Prodrive has made since 1984.

Over the past three and a half decades, Prodrive has built a staggering array of competition machinery for the race track and rally stage. It ran Subaru’s World Rally Championship team in its heyday, essentially ran the BAR-Honda Formula One squad, and still runs Aston Martin’s Le Mans and World Endurance Championship operation.

But it’s also built endurance racers like the Ferrari 550 GTS and the original Porsche 911 SC RS, touring cars based on the BMW E30 M3, and countless more. More than 1,100 vehicles in all, with 700+ Subaru rally cars (and 180 or so Vantage sports racers) constituting the bulk of its cumulative output.
Molly Taylor’s Subaru
The private owners of those cars can now turn to Prodrive Legends to have their authenticity verified, their engines rebuilt, and the entire vehicle serviced, race-prepped, and even restored from the ground up.

“With the formation of Prodrive Legends, owners can now bring the cars home to the same company – and even many of the same people – who originally designed and built them and took them to multiple wins,” said Prodrive’s Paul Howarth. “What’s more, we have all the original build data and also hold the rights to reproduce key parts of the cars, while sourcing genuine components that are notoriously hard to find doesn’t pose an issue thanks to the network of contacts we have established since the early 1980s.”


Source: Car Buzz