Sunderland goes missing!

Yesterday’s winner of the first stage, Great Britain’s Sam Sunderland, has gone missing on the second stage of the 2015 South American Dakar today. Shortly after the start of the stage he seemed to get lost and has not been seen again on the stage since then. The stage was won by Joan Barreda on a Honda.

Giniel de Villiers Dakar

Second, six minutes behind Barreda and also on a honda was Paulo Goncalves. The favourite to win the bike section, Marc Coma. on a KTM, lost ten minutes on the leader on the stage. Coma had a [problem with the rear tyre of his bike, and slowed down to 50 km/h over the last 60km to make it to the end of the 518km stage.

In the section for cars it has become a fight between the X-Raid MiniAll4 vehicles of Nasser al-Attiyah and Nani Roma, and the two Imperial Toyota Hi-Lux entries of Leeroy Poulter and Giniel de Villiers.

The drive of the day so far, must go the Qatari, Nasser Al-Attiyah who wiped out the two minute penalty he incurred last night and moved up from 7th at the start this morning to retake the lead. Not far behind is Leeroy Poulter in the Imperial Toyota Hi-Lux who started in 14th this morning and by the time the cars reached CP2 he had moved into third and overtaken his more experienced team mate Giniel de Villiers.

Robby Gordon lost 50 minutes with brake problems.

Albert Bosch who had entered thew first ever electric vehicle on the Dakar, was having problems with the power supply of his car and was last seen working on the car next to trhe road.

more later…