Team Rhide SA’s off-road quad racer, Brian Baragwanath, has shattered the records by becoming the first quad competitor in the past decade to win all the rounds of a modern South African national off-road series and by doing so, he won the quad category overall and claimed the Q1 Class Championship title. It was the eighth time Baragwanath (26) finish on the overall podium of the National Off-road Quad series since 2006.

Brain Baragwanath
Brain Baragwanath

This is Baragwanath’s second national off-road title as he has also won the overall standings and class championship in 2008. His record might even stretch over a longer period of time, but no records of race results for the years between 1994 (when the South African off-road quad racing series produced its first national champion) and 2000 could be found.

Team Rhide SA was formed at the beginning of the season with the aim of its four members to tackle the 2015 Dakar Rally and to compete in this South American event in January to promote rhino poaching awareness. Unfortunately only two members – Baragwanath and Hannes Saaijman – will now be participating in this 9000km event. Baragwanath has won his entry by winning the Dakar Challenge earlier this year in Botswana during the desert race while Saaijman’s entry was accepted a few weeks later. Ted Barbier’s entry was declined due to a lack of racing experience according to the ASO (race organisers) while the motorcycle rider, Ruan Roberts, has temporarily stopped racing due to work commitments.

It has, however, been a season of great results for Team Rhide SA’s three quad members as they have accumulated a total of five podium positions and three titles at the end of the 2014 national off-road quad season. Baragwanath has claimed two podium results being the overall winner and Q1 champion while Saaijman has won the Q2 Class and finished third on the overall standings for the year. The record books will show that two of Team Rhide SA’s members finished on the overall podium while they have also won two of the six classes!

Barbier previously competed in the Master Class for riders older than 46 years, but participated in the Senior Class this year where riders had to complete the full race distance (like Q1 and Q2 competitors) at each event. He posted consistent results and rounded the Senior Class Championship podium off by finishing third.

With the record books being rewritten and the 2014 season now something of the past, Team Rhide SA’s Baragwanath and Saaijman are extremely busy with their Dakar Rally 2015 project. They might be new on the Dakar Rally scene, but as two experienced off-road quad racing competitors, they are aiming at podium results.