With 630 hp from its V12 and a top speed of 208 mph, Aston’s special DB11 is ready for high-speed cruising

The 5.2-liter V12 gets a 30-hp bump in the AMR over the standard issue DB11. It should be noted that the AMR has 127 more hp than the V8-powered DB11 GT, good for a new top speed of 208 mph and a 3.7-sec 0-62 time. According to Aston, the new exhaust is more vocal than the base car and shows more character when you’re in sport mode. The suspension was retuned to give the driver a better sense of connection to the road, says Aston, but without making it too aggressive for a grand tourer.

Aesthetic changes for the DB11 AMR are subtle but worthwhile. These AMR edition cars will sport monochromatic black accents, with smoked taillamps, darkened headlight surrounds, and a dark front grille and exhaust pipes. There’s also a gloss black roof, roof strake and side sills, plus exposed carbon fiber on the hood blades and side strakes. Inside, there’s a standard leather sports steering wheel and monotone leather and ultra-suede interior.

Don’t worry if that’s too pedestrian — there’s a higher-end option. Limited to 100 cars worldwide, there will be a Stirling green and lime edition, with lime accents bleeding into the “dark knight” leather interior.

If you want one of these AMR edition DB11s, it’ll set you back $241,000 before you add anything extra. To get the limited-edition one, you’ll probably have to shell out about an additional $25K. Anyway, if you have to ask — you probably can’t afford it. The AMR is on sale now.

Source: Autoweek