The moment of truth for Peugeot?


Whilst all the observers as well as competitors agree that the Peugeot DKR 2008 have greatly developed and have improved since last year, the first marathon stage is very likely to be the first real test for the French team.More efficient and performing better, at present no major incident has thrown a spanner into the works of the progress demonstrated by the 2008 of Sébastien Loeb and his team-mates, apart from a minor electrical problem and loose bonnet for Carlos Sainz.

Sebastien Loeb
Sebastien Loeb

What will the situation be today once the cars have completed the first 1,200 kilometres of the rally? Will they still be reliable? What about the tyres, which tend to suffer more than on a four wheel drive? There are plenty of questions to be answered about the machines, staff and drives of the Lion brand, and the same is true of their rivals. Except the latter will most likely want to be hearing different, more negative answers

San Salvador de Jujuy-San Salvador de Jujuy

With 630 kilometres to be covered including a special measuring 430 km, this fourth stage will hardly be a gentle stroll. You could even say that this loop around San Salvador de Jujuy might even by the first moment of truth on the rally. On the programme of a day with constant changes of rhythm will be a mix of sandy terrains and more rocky portions, at an average altitude of 3,500 metres during the special, to cap it all.

As if that was not enough, this loop will be the first part of a marathon stage on which the vehicles will be placed in a secure enclosure as soon as they arrive at the bivouac

There is such a thing as ‘too fast’ for Barreda

Joan Barreda didn’t get to enjoy yesterday’s magnificent performance and stage win for long, as later that evening he was handed down a one-minute penalty for speeding that pushes the Honda rider down to third place in the stage and fifth overall.