The Rainforest Challenge Malaysia – Best 4X4 Event

The Rainforest Challenge, held in Malaysia fron 23 November, is one of the most memorable 4×4 endurance tests on the planet.When it comes to competitive off-roading, it doesn’t get much more extreme than the Rainforest Challenge (RFC). Founded by Malaysian Luis Wee in 1997, the globally recognized and reputable 4×4 off-road obstacle racing and adventure event.
The Rainforest Challenge Malaysia – Best 4X4 Event


Fought out intensely over five nights and six days across nearly 500 miles of the most rugged and
unforgiving terrain, the Challenge takes competitors through mud, drenching rain, slippery slopes, deep
ruts, gullies, flooded rivers, and landslides that are so demanding and dangerous, it takes hours to travel
a kilometer and many more to recover. The difficulty is compounded by the humidity, sand flies, leeches,
sleepless nights, unending winching from dusk to dawn, and recovering vehicles submerged deep in
tropical mud.

If you think of yourself as an expert off-road driver, the RFC will be the stamp of approval that will give
you bragging rights for the rest of your life, even if you decide to just sit on your couch and watch TV
from then onwards. It is a grueling test of physical stamina, vehicle durability and mental strength.

The Rainforest Challenge has been making grown men cry since 1997. It was first held in Malaysia and,
thanks to a huge fan following, it has made its way to other countries – Italy, China, Sri Lanka, Australia,
Russia and Vietnam have their own versions and, as of last year, the Rainforest Challenge is being
conducted in India.

Each year, competitors from over 50 countries travel to Malaysia to participate in the event, earning it a
place in the Malaysia Book of Records for the most countries represented at a 4×4 event, as well as the
biggest gathering of 4×4 vehicles in one venue, at 972 vehicles. The success of RFC has spawned
several events worldwide under the RFC Global Series, as well as an annual adventure expedition called
the RFC Trophy.

Loosely based on the old Camel Trophy, the Rainforest Challenge comprises a number of Special
Stages, or tasks, featuring extreme winching, mud crossings, slaloming through trees, rock crawling and
a session of night ‘wheeling. In addition, a special Prologue Stage is held, to give the competitors a
better idea of what to expect in the jungle.

During the race, most teams had a tough time determining and marking the route. Already having
experienced torrential rains, overflowing rivers, mud, winching, and washed-away bridges, they spent
more time outside the vehicles looking through the undergrowth for signs marking the route than they
spent behind the wheel. Expecting that the competitors would have to travel at night and do a lot of  navigation in the jungle, a one-night Prologue Stage was held on the beach-with no landmarks, no markers, only running towards the light coming from a burning tire half a mile away.

It is a tough event for 4×4 enthusiasts who dream of taking on a jungle adventure with all its hardship,
endurance and extremities. The sweat, the mud, the rain soaked jungle, the humidity, the insects, the
creatures of the night, the fellowship of men/women, the teamwork, the camaraderie, swollen, muddy
rivers and monsoon are all there for you to experience.

Rainforest Challenge is neither for the faint-hearted nor for the uninitiated. Only those with a passion for
adventure with a get-up and get-going attitude and well-prepared hardware will be ready to enjoy the