Some one asked this morning, “When is this going to stop?” after I told him of the passing of one of our stalward members at PMC – Alex Costa – one of the best story tellers, passionate rallyist and one of the Tie-brigade. Always wore his tie when driving a rally in the days where we relied on the manufacturers pillars and the Lord to protect our heads.

Alex was one of those guys you can and will never forget – he had his trademark, habits and always made sure you knew he was there! 

Rest in peace Alex – we will truly always miss you and a story of you will always pop up while some of us are still around.

A memorial service will be held for Alex at Sungardens Hospice in Lynwood Road Pretoria on the 6th of March at 11h00.

Alex Costa in action during the 1976 Duckhams Rally

In reply to my friend’s question I said, “Never – not until all of us are on the other side,” because the sad news was that yet another friend of the same generation, Mike Hooper also passed away yesterday!”

Mike Hooper was a dedicated navigator and he managed to navigate for most of the important drivers of his time. He was as strong as an ox, that I remember and a good friend to many of the rally fraternity.

Mike has not had contact with many of us over the past 15 years or so but he will also be rembered as a member worth his PMC membership. 

We have no info about a memorial service yet.

Mike Hooper (Middle) and Louis Cloete (Left) receive their trophies after the 1973 Duckhams Rally

Our sincere condolences to the Costa and Hooper families and all their friends. May they both rest in peace.