The Swinging Sixties at Zwartkops

Sarel van der Merwe returns to race the grey Ford Galaxie #104

The SKF Legends, the Go Go Go generation of the 1960’s raced anything they could lay their hands on.  In England it was little Austin A35’s to Jaguars.  In Europe small capacity Renaults and Alfas then medium sized BMW’s.  In America it was all about big muscle NASCAR cars.  On today’s programme we will have a prelude as to what to expect in January 2018.

Sarel van der Merwe the greatest South African Legend returns to race Paolo Cavalieri’s (Pablo Clark) grey Ford Galaxie No.104.  Then Paolo takes over the famous red Ford Galaxie (Trans Africa Racing) No. 177.  Always seeking fame and fortune Willie Hepburn will be racing the No.13 Smokey Yunick Chevelle.  Ready to upset the applecart will be the young generation of Jeff Kruger, (SP Racing) in the Comet, Mark in the Bel-Air and Jonathan in the Nova.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greatest of them all”

Also racing will be the spectacular under 2 litre class with Lotus Cortinas, Alfa GT Guilias, Volvo, BMW and of course the famous LITTLE Giants who in their day won many races through stealth:  GSM Darts, Minis, Alfa’s, Austin Healey Sprites.  The fastest of them all on the day will be the Pre’1974 and Pre’1990 class of Sports & GT and Group 5 Production cars.  Chevrons, Lolas, Fords, Porsche 911’s, Porsche 917 plus the Trans-AM Mustangs and Camaros.

It’s a V8 day with the more contemporary Samcar V8’s of Mackie Adlem, the Wilfords, Ben Morgenrood and son, who participate in the programme.  Historic Formula Ford, Lotus Challenge, Historic and Classic Saloons all part of the programme.

Expect and Enjoy a great days racing on Saturday, the 16th of September 2017.