THIERRY BOLLORÉ fired as predident of Renault SA

Renault’s Board of Directors met today to take a decision on the Group’s governance.

At this meeting, the Board of Directors decided to terminate the terms of office of Renault SA’s Chief Executive Officer and Thierry Bolloré’s Chairman of Renault sas, with immediate effect.

The Board of Directors has decided to appoint, with immediate effect, Mrs. Clotilde Delbos as Chief Executive Officer of Renault SA for an interim period, the time to conduct a process of appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer.
He gave a favorable opinion on the appointment of Messrs. Olivier Murguet and José Vicente de los Mozos as Deputy Directors-General to assist Mrs. Clotilde Delbos in her duties.

Mr. Jean-Dominique Senard will also assume the chairmanship of Renault sas during the same interim period.