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Those were the days my friend, unfortunately they came to a sudden end..

Rallystar will – if we manage to stay open of course – bring you some motorsport news from as early as the 60’s.

Our stories will be about some of the South African rally stars and also some racing stars.

Some of the stories we post here will appear again in the book I (Leon Botha) is busy writing about my many experiences in rallies with a number of navigators, team bosses, other competitors – mainly the funny side of things – but also I suppose a little bit of the philosophy of the sport we still all love.

The funds we raise through the sale of the book will go into Rallystar and will be applied to try and revive our club PMC as well as do something for the sport at especially the grassroots level.

Stirling Moss and Mario Andretti discussing the future of South Africa – behind them part of the “Gee ‘n man ‘n Lucky” adverts appears.

As some of you know I am currently negotiating with the owners of the land where Rallystar is situated and like everything else – this is also a mystery or maybe even a very vague picture. I do have several other options but do I really want to do this over again for the third time?

Speaking of starting over and costs someone asked me this morning why I do not do the Artist thing and try to get some money from some of the supporters and fans of the sport, as I, like the artists also do not have any income whatsoever and goodness knows it looks as if we will not open before September for groups – but depending on those in control I may just be able to open soon on a “one on one” basis.

The cars are sterilised and ready to go – but things in this place are rather slow.

Anyway – I will not so no to anyone willing to help a little – even if I only manage to cover our very dedicated and loyal Editor’s small salary until we get going again.

Every cent will be appreciated. I will supply the banking detail below.

Many of the younger readers will not recognise some of the pictures I am placing today – but today is a bit of a bonus – picture wise.

Christo Kuun and Gerry Gericke closest to the camera – Christo forgot to pose!

I will place articles of the Nine Hour Races, the Castrol and Total Rallies – and much more interesting things.

On the back of one of the articles we have, I noted that factory workers negotiated a new pay package through their union for a raise from R35 to R40 per week in 1968…

Can you imagine?

Andre Liebenberg – check the tie! We truly had good manners – all of us, except after some of the memorable prize givings.

Above are pictures of Eugene Bosman, Elbie Odendaal and on the right Louis Cloete.

Roelof Fekken and Robbie Broekmeyer – both excellent performers of their time

Willie Meisner – a genius and legend in South African motorsport. 

One of the greatest drivers of all time – Fangio
Jody Scheckter with his F3 Lucky Strike Merlyn

Tomorrow we will start on some of the articles and news in the sixties.

Any contribution from you will be appreciated and will help us stay on our feet through this period.

Banking detail:

Rallystar Motoring

FNB Business account


Thank you kindly – we will make it up to you in news and sport as soon as we can get going again.