Top Gear viewers left in shock as car goes up in flames with presenters still inside

Top Gear (literally) played with fire in their latest episode, after a car went up in flames with presenters Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan still inside. Viewers were left in shock as the £50,000 Renault Alpine A110 caught fire during a test drive around the Monte Carlo Rally on Sunday night.

Credit: BBC

Both Harris and Jordan managed to jump out of the car just moments before the whole vehicle erupted in flames due to a reported electrical fault, leaving the TV hosts shaken but unharmed.

Top Gear viewers left in shock as Eddie Jordan's car goes up in flames with him inside

The Renault Alpine went up in flames with Chris and Eddie on board (Picture: BBC)

The red hot viewing certainly caused a stir with viewers as many just couldn’t believe their eyes.

One Twitter user feared the worst for presenter Eddie, as they posted: ‘I was scared for Eddie’s life.’

 While another user exclaimed: ‘Oh shit it caught fire!

But we think user @S34N_XCIV probably summerised what a lot of viewers were thinking, writing: ‘Alpine’s PR department have seriously got their work cut out for them after that fire.’

However, after the incident it was announced that the sports car was a pre-production model and prior to the incident had been performing as intended, before the fault.

Looking on the brighter side of the incident, the presenters managed to find the funny side to the fireball with Chris saying in the studio: ‘I first realised I needed to get out when I opened the door and the flames went up my arm.’

Co-host Matt LeBlanc jokingly replied: ‘I hate it when you can’t get the temperature right in a car.’

The explosive episode marked the end of the 25th series of the hit motor show with Top Gear returning to our TV screens later on this year.