Urgent reaction required: Participate in THE 2015 South African Rally Cross Series

We would like to determine how many competitors would participate in this series on their own and also if we manage to add some sponsorship to the deals.

We will obviously present various options to sponsors and how much publicity you can give will have an effect.

If you are a beginner you will have to contribute more to the project than experience talented drivers. The better you are, all the better we will convince sponsors to put money into your car.

There will be at least three classes but for the first two, you need to supply all the money while we will still be looking for additional sponsors on your behalf.

The first two classes can safely be seen as a max R75 000 class and a max R125 000 class.

Please note that the “price” category is merely an indication of what the car will be “worth”. The lowest class will probably be older 1600 up to even 2000cc models. Winners in this class may even be moved up to the next class – to make things more interesting. (Just a thought)

The same will apply to the R125 000 but we will obviously look at changes etc. so nothing is fixed. The competitors will probably be able to sort this out themselves. Cars will obviously have to be safe but do not have to be registered for road use.

Then we will run a typical “N4 class” which will mainly be Subaru GT up to STi Bug eye to a Max spend of R250K if the initial car cost about R125K (this is really the top and unnecessary expensive) we will be able to build cars with new suspension, seats, roll cage, brakes, exhaust, harness, computer chip, turbo, 8 rims and tyres and final branding for around R200K.

S2000 and “serious” Subarus and Mitsubishis will also find a spot. All will depend on numbers – especially for the opening season.

If you supply the initial (N4) car we will be able to do the rest for around R130K – so, if you manage to pick up a GT or something good at R40K the car will cost R170K complete.

The running of the car will cost you between R5K and R8K per event which will max around R50K for the six intended events starting in April 2015 – if you do not destroy it every race.

The track will be “car-friendly” with lots of run-off areas until we are more used to this and see what we need and what not.

We are not going to lay down tar for a start, at least not until we are very sure that the track layout is working. It will probably be “wet” races.


So what do you need to do?

You need to calculate carefully what you will be able to put into the car (remember the car is your property – we will probably have some rentals later on) financially. We will then try to raise the rest to make it possible for you to participate.

You will have use of 1/3rd of the car (rear side body only) for your own advertising. We will market the other 2/3rd

You need to let us know how much money you will DEFINITELY be able to put into the project and contractually commit to run the events – this of course if we manage to fill the shortage.

In other words if you commit to R120K for the year we will “have” to raise around R110K for the season to get you on track.

You have to keep in mind that there will not be much of a budget to repair the car should you break anything substantial, although we will be able to source most parts at a good price. We must also pray that Subaru wakes up to this and help a bit.

You must remember that the agreement you sign will stipulate that you have to compete in all six events and if we all drive like hell and make this interesting – I am certain that sponsors will be easier to convince.

You have to indicate what you will be willing to do for additional publicity. There are many options and the sky is the limit.

There will, as usual be some people (the traditional ones) who will immediately go on their knees to pray that this project will fail – so we need and will take only people we know will energetically promote this whole idea.

We are almost ready to launch a brand new website through which we will raise sponsorships and get some funding for certain projects. The idea is unique and larger companies are enthusiastic about the concept.

Please contact me if you have a business that supplies goods and or render services. I will tell you all about this marketing and sponsorship concept.

Start making a list of family, friends, fans, colleagues and for that matter everyone you know – as we will soon give you full detail on this as well.

Meanwhile work out you goodies as accurately as you can – and let me know if you would be interested and where you would like to compete.

Membership of PMC will be R360 for 2015 and will include lots of benefits. Please join us so we can drive in one-bus again for a change. PMC is now a virtual club and you can live anywhere and still have all the member benefits.

It is absolutely essential that we get a good entry for the RallyX series to be able to build it to a National sport.

Come up with ideas, any sort of assistance you can offer or get, but the trick lies in getting as many supporters as you can manage for yourself and the sport. Now is the time you are going to be able to prove that you have more than the two supporters I have or is it had?

The concept has been worked out very thoroughly and every worthwhile marketing and sponsorship specialist agrees that the idea is not only unique, but workable.

If you are the owner of a long sour face – just stay away – for once we need to and will get some enthusiastic people into the sport – no matter what, while on the other hand I cannot wait to see some of the older guys back in action again – doing something fun and affordable again for a change.

I trust that this has got your attention and I will only work with genuine applicants, but please do not hesitate to meet with me for a complete explanation of the concept.

Come fly a RallyX car with us!



Leon Botha

Alanie Botha-Austin