US F1 fan base bigger than expected – Carey


F1 CEO Chase Carey says Formula 1’s American fan base is bigger than expected as the sport contemplates adding a second US race on the F1 calendar.As Liberty Media takes hold of F1 and improves its understanding of the sport, its knowledge of the American market, where it seeks development, has also increased.

Carey insists F1 has a “five-year plan” linked to the US, but is in no rush to add a second venue in addition to Austin, Texas to the calendar. 

“I don’t want to criticise Bernie,” he told Germany’s Auto Bild, “because he did many things very well.

“But I think he went too much for short terms deals. So if you want to go to New York, it takes time and good planning.

“Previously, Formula 1 worked in so far that you sign a contract and leave the rest to the promoter. But this is no longer possible,” Carey insisted.

The American executive has often cited destination cities, rather than permanent road circuits, as potential new venues for Grand Prix racing.

“You have to capture people’s imagination. You don’t do that with Phoenix, but in New York or Miami.

“We can already see the first signs, as since we have increased our commitment to social media, we are already seeing more feedback from the US.

“There is a bigger fan base there than we thought,” Carey added