Why the Triple Crown matters to the talented Mr. Alonso

Fernando Alonso hit the banking at Daytona last weekend as the Spaniard kicked off his sportscar  preparation for this month’s 24-hour endurance classic.Interestingly, during last Friday’s media conference, Alonso revealed that his presence at Daytona was mainly justified by his need to test himself before likely undertaking the bigger task of racing at Le Mans with Toyota next June.

As he projected his 2018 season, Alonso also rejected any idea of returning to Indy, but he did put a trip back to the Brickyard firmly on his agenda for next year.

Since lining up at the Indy 500 last year, the two-time F1 world champion has made no secret of his ambition to clinch motorsport’s Triple Crown, a feat achieved only by the great Graham Hill, the only man to win the Monaco Grand Prix, Le Mans and the Indy 500 – not to mention two F1 world championships.

It’s likely Alonso’s ambitious urge to equal Hill’s outstanding exploit started with his miserable time at McLaren and a need for another focus. He also knows that, given his outstanding skills and bravado, if there’s one driver that can pull off a Triple Crown tour de force, it’s him.

But the main reason why Alonso likely wants to go for gold is the simple fact that it’s such a cool thing to do, and one which channels his old-school daring and adventurous racing spirit.

And that’s what keeps Fernando Alonso going.

For racing fans all over the world, bold endeavors such as Alonso’s, which sees one of the best drivers in the world venture outside of his comfort zone, create fascination and enthrallment.

And that’s what keeps us, the fans, going!

Phillip van Osten
Editor of