WRC faces another 2015 plan FIA veto


The FIA World Motor port Council could veto  the World Rally Championship Commission’s proposal for the 2015 WRC running order. Plans for a radical revamp of the WRC format were recently abandoned after failing to garner FIA support.


An adjustment to the running order regulations remains on the agenda, with a proposal for the cars to run in championship order on the first two days of events next year rather than just the opening day as is presently the case.

The seeded drivers would then run in reverse order, giving the best stage conditions to the rally leader, on the final day, whereas at present this is adopted for the second day as well.

WRC champion Sebastien Ogier is vehemently against the proposed change as it gives the points leader the worst road conditions for the majority of each rally, but there is broad support elsewhere among the drivers.

While Hyundai’s Thierry Neuville supports the plan, he admitted he would not be surprised if it was rejected.

 “I hear they agreed [in the commission], but now it has to go to World Motor Sport Council,” he said.

“I am a bit afraid to talk about it. This could change again, it’s probably far too early to talk about this while there is nothing written on paper.

“But, for me, it would be a good thing [to change] – it would make it very difficult to start first on the road and win in places like Mexico.”

Ogier said he was fed up with discussing the running order.

“I have been talking about it already and I don’t want to go through that point again,” he said.

 “Of course, I don’t support it and it’s not a sporting rule.

“At the moment I focus on the present and we will see for the future.”

A final decision will be made at the next WMSC meeting in Qatar on December 3.