WRC Going Hybrid In 2022

The highest class in the World Rally Championship will change in 2022 to reflect the electrification of the automotive industry. A “supplementary hybrid system” will allow the cars to run in all-electric mode through cities, but the power boost on special stages sounds more interesting in our opinion.
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Even more interesting is what would happen in a worst-case scenario. A blown turbocharger, malfunctioning transmission, or a problem with the internal combustion engine wouldn’t be as catastrophic to the hybridized cars because they could limp to the finish line on electric power alone. Of course, this homologation cycle includes common electric motors and batteries.
From 2025, the governing body decided that the second level of hybridization should give more technical freedom to the manufacturers. Considering that Formula 1 went hybrid back in 2014, the World Rally Championship shouldn’t find a problem adapting to the new regulations.

Looking at the bigger picture, some pressure was made by Citroen at the beginning of the year. Head honcho Linda Jackson said at the Geneva Motor Show that Citroen would reconsider its options after 2020 unless electrification is introduced. The current regulations – which include the 1.6-liter turbo engine and four-wheel drive – expire at the end of the 2021 season.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile has also announced the option for scaling the body of WRC cars within prescribed limits. This change to the regulations would allow larger cars to comply with dimension targets. As expected, manufacturers will be allowed to use a production body or a tubular structure as long as the size guidelines are respected.

In order to control costs, tire development will be frozen from 2021 through 2024. The current regulations specify that each supplier must provide two tread compounds in limited quantities for each event. Michelin, Pirelli, and DMACK are the three competing entities in tire development and supply for the World Rally Championship.

Given the 2022 regulations, don’t you agree it’s high time for Toyota to enter the Prius in the WRC? As of 2019, Gazoo Racing WRT is fielding the Yaris on Michelin tires

Source: Autoevolution