Spectators cheat death at rally

A group of spectators at an Italian Rally have cheated death after a competitor almost wiped them out.A video of the incident shows Pietro Scavone and Diego D’Herin in their Renault Clio flipping out of control at the Jolly Rally in northern Italy.

Italy Rally

Up to a dozen spectators were seated at the corner where the crash occurred, some with their legs dangling over the course.

As Scavone approaches the corner at high speed, he loses control of the car.

It careens onto the grass embankment and flips end on end right into the path of the stunned spectators.

Local reports say one girl was hospitalised for shock, but miraculously none of tge spectators were injured, despite one not even moving as the car came within inches of hitting her.

The driver and his co-driver were not so lucky however, as they were treated for minor injuries.